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Blue Sapphire



Yellow Sapphire

White Sapphire

Red Coral



Cat's Eye



Semi Precious Gems


1Mukhi Rudraksha

Natural Original Lab Certified 1 mukhi Rudraksha (half moon shape) from India Spirituality, Contentedness, Purity of Thoughts, Prosperity, Promotion in Career, Self-Confidence & Leadership.

2Mukhi Rudraksha

2 Mukhi Rudraksha / Two Mukhi Rudraksha With Lab Report. Rudraksha Colour : Brown Two Face / 2 Mukhi /

2Mukhi rudraksha

2 Mukhi Rudraksha / Two Mukhi Rudraksha With Lab Report. Rudraksha Colour : Brown Two Face / 2 Mukhi /

4Mukhi Rudraksha

Natural Unique Lab Affirmed 4 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal Acquiring New expertise, beginning another Endeavor or Starting new Venture, Work

5Mukhi Rudraksha

Natural Unique Lab Confirmed 5 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal Equilibrium of Energies in Body, Great Wellbeing and Resistance. Assists in

6Mukhi Rudraksha

Normal Unique Lab Confirmed 6 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal Protection from Enemies, helps in getting Outcome in your Undertakings. Safeguards

Why Sarla Gems ?

Oldest family tradition and trusted science

Science Research Center of Indian Govt Lab & International Reputable Labs

Certification from reputable international labs and the Indian government lab

Authentic word renown genuine Vedic astrologers available for guidance

Safe and insured international shipping

Vedic Pooja & Energization Setup in-house in accordance with genuine, age-old traditions

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Affiliations and Certification

Sarla Gems is gladly connected with the world ‘s driving gemology foundations and associations

Customized Gemstone Jewellery

Customized Gemstone Conference Sarla Gems has a group of gemstone and jewellery specialists who guide you to pick the most reasonable gemstone in view of your introduction to the world outline in Vedic crystal gazing. Have a question? Purchase Gemstones Tell Your Question Track down your gemstone....Sarla Gems is a commonly used name for certificated regular gemstones. Rudrakshas and Recuperating Stones with a wide variety of premium-quality normal gemstones. Sarla Gems has turned into the best option for customers hoping to purchase gemstones in India and around the world. Our gemstones are 100 percent regular and hand-picked by our diamond specialists. Straight for wardly from mines They are guaranteed for genuineness by driving to government research centers, where they are unheated and untreated. Natural Gemstones Sarla Gems offer the nine primary gemstones. Known as Navratana, they include yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, white sapphire, pearl, red coral, hessonite, and chrysoberyl feline's eye. Our Asrto-vedic diamonds, or Rashi Ratan, are celestially confirmed by rumoured astrologers. in addition to astrological gemstones. Sarla Gems likewise offer arrangements in select varieties, for example, moonstone, turquoise sea blue, peridot, white zircon, white topaz, blue topaz, iolite, amethyst, and kyanite. Rudraksha Sarla Gems additionally offers Nepali Rudraksha globules, going from 1 to 14 mukhi as well as Siddha malas, Gauri Sankar Rudraksha, Ganesh Rudraksha, and little dots 5 Mukhi Rudraksha for people. Our Rudrakshas are already stimulated and enacted for the best outcomes. Sarla gems provides free Rudrakshas suggestions online based on kundli, or horoscope, in vedic Astrology. Semi precious Gems In addition to gemstones and rudraksha, Sarla Gems additionally has a wide assortment of 100 percent Regular Recuperating Gemstone, malachite lapis lazuli, Tiger eye, and jade. These Recuperating Stone can be worm as pendants, arm bands, or malas or saved in the home for home for harmony , security, energy, and thriving. They are now actuated and invigorated, prepared for use. Customized Gemstone Jewellery Sarla Gems likewise offers modified gemstone gems, permitting clients to turn their favourite gemstone into a piece of adornments in their preferred metal and plan. We have experts who can make birthstone rings and pendants in gold, silver, And punch-dhatu. Among other metal eases. Our gemstone adornments is made utilizing 14k, 18, or 22k hallmark gold and 92.5% silver. Sarla Jewels likewise gives a gemstone purchasing guide and websites for more data. .