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RUBY ( माणिक, माणिक्य ) Ruby (Maanik or Manikya in Hindi) is a valuable regular red gemstone. Ruby is related to the Sun, the most remarkable planet in Indian Vedic crystal gazing. The ruby gemstone is exceptionally valued because of its magnificence, extraordinaryness, and unadulterated red tone. The significant wellsprings of ruby are Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, and scarcely any other African nations. A ruby gemstone to be utilised for a mysterious reason ought to be 100 percent regular, unheated, and untreated for the best outcomes. Ruby is accepted to give the wearer with bountiful acknowledgement, authority, acclaim, and power. Ruby's quality is basically determined by its variety, intensity, straightforwardness, and brilliance. Normal Ruby Value (INR) goes from not many thousands to lakhs for each carat in view of value.